doug mcmillon

Doug McMillon, President and CEO, Walmart Inc.

Our Best Ideas Come from Our People

During 2020, we have experienced a range of emotions – from those related to the COVID-19 pandemic to those stemming from racial violence and injustice. In both cases, my inspiration and hope for the future come not only from seeing how people have reached out to others and how they have come together to solve problems, but also how they’ve done so despite their differences.

jo ann jenkins

Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO, AARP

This is a Time Active Participation

As the leader of an organization that empowers people to live better as they age, and as the mother of a son and daughter—both millennials—I am disheartened by the deterioration of civil discourse in this country. We have become a polarized nation. It appears dialogue, bipartisanship, cooperation and the ability to compromise have all but disappeared.